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About Lauren

Lauren is an accomplished pianist with two decades of professional experience. She is an exceptional sight reader and frequently draws upon her skills as a vocalist in her support of performers.

A musical theatre specialist, Lauren’s accompaniment and musical direction credits include ‘Urinetown’, ‘Rent’, ‘Chess’ and ‘A New Brain’ as well as the original productions of ‘Imagine Nation Cabaret’, ‘Ellie & The Star’ and ‘Mousing Around: A Disney Sing-Along Adventure’. She often acts as an arranger for new work.

Lauren’s approach is warm, positive and supportive. She takes a genuine interest in helping performers to reach their full potential, and strives to put them at ease so that they can deliver outstanding performances in the audition room.

Classically trained, Lauren holds a Bachelor of Music (Performance) (First Class Honours) from the University of Melbourne and a Licentiate Diploma (Performance) (Distinction) from Trinity College London.

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Services For Performers

In-Person Vocal Sessions
Based in Marylebone

45 minutes £35
60 minutes £45

Packages available for several sessions; please enquire for pricing

Recorded Practice Tracks
Provided in mp3 format

Accompaniment track £7.50
With melody track +£2.50
Express service +£2.50/£5.00

Time-based surcharge may apply depending on track requirements


In-Person Piano Sessions
Based in Marylebone

45 minutes £35
60 minutes £45

Packages available for several sessions; please enquire for pricing. Discount when booked together with a vocal session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me to select audition cuts, or check over my cuts for me?
Yes, absolutely! Assistance with this is gladly provided at in-person sessions and can also be given remotely upon request.

I’d like to increase my understanding of written music. Would you be able to help me with this?
Again, a resounding yes, and good on you! Understanding the music will only make your life as a performer easier and help you to feel more at ease when selecting audition pieces and cuts on your own.

How should I present my music for the session?
If you can stick your music together, this is ideal (and will usually be the preferred format for your audition also). However, a ring-bound display folder is perfectly fine too.

When are sessions available?
In this industry, you often need a helping hand at short notice. Sessions are available throughout the week, both daytime and evening. Please include detailed times in your message and every attempt will be made to accommodate you.

Why work with a pianist before my audition?
Working with a pianist beforehand can give you a high level of confidence as you step into the audition room. The preparation will help to alleviate any concerns about how the accompaniment is going to sound or whether cuts will work – and best of all, you’ll have the ability to perform cohesively with the accompanist on the day. Now that’s real music!  

I teach singing, but I don’t play the piano. Could you come along to a lesson and play for my student?
Certainly, and often at a reduced rate. Please get in touch for more information.

I’d love to be able to sing and play. Can you help me with this?
Yes! Positive Note has expanded to include piano lessons directly aimed at vocalists. Discounts are available for double sessions (incorporating a repertoire session and a piano session).


Lauren is a highly skilled pianist, a talented singer and a dedicated Music Director. It is always a joy to sing with her at the piano – she’s a wonderfully giving and supportive accompanist and it has been a pleasure to work with her as an MD and a performer.
Michael Stebbings

Lauren is a talented pianist with a broad range of musical knowledge and experience. As an accomplished singer herself, she provides a high level of understanding and support.
Emma Warburton

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